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The Ohio Department of Commerce (ODOC) administers and enforces Ohio's Minimum Wage Laws, Ohio's Minor Labor Law, and Ohio's Prevailing Wage Law.

Bureau field staff conduct routine inspections of workplaces throughout the State. They provide information, ensure compliance with the labor laws, investigate complaints and consult with both employers and employees. The Bureau assists the public in understanding their rights and responsibilities under the wage and hour law, and pursues reported violations of the law. They also coordinate the activities of the field staff, standardize enforcement procedures and interpret the rules and regulations.

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Public Authority Responsibilities
Prevailing Wage Complaints
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Viewing Wage Rates

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Qpic.gif (916 bytes) Do employers need to give employees lunch and restroom breaks?
APIC.gif (918 bytes) No, under Ohio law the employer is not required to give lunch or restroom breaks. However, if the employee is under 18 years of age, an employer is required to give the employee a half hour break for every 5 hours worked.

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  prevailing wage

Affidavit Of Contractor Compliance
Union Wage Affidavit
Prevailing Wage Contractor Responsibilities
Prevailing Wage Determination Cover Letter
Instructions For Preparing Certified Payroll Reports
Prevailing Wage Bid Tabulation Form

  minimum wage

Ohio Minimum Wage Laws
Ohio Handicapped Minimum Wage Law
Minimum wage poster
Federal Minimum Wage (USDOL)

  employment of minors

Ohio Minor Wage Law
Minor Labor Law Poster
Parent or Guardian Consent Form
Minor Wage Agreement
Prohibited Occupations for Minors
Quick Reference Guidelines For Employment Of Minors
Federal Minor Labor Laws (USDOL)

  labor and
  employment law

ORC Chapter 4115: Wages And Hours On Public Works (Prevailing Wage)
How do I file a minimum/Overtime or Minor Labor complaint
How to Contact Wage and Hour
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
Ohio Revised Code Home
ORC Chapter 4109: Employment Of Minors
ORC Chapter 4111: Minimum Fair Wage Standards (Handicapped)
ORC Chapter 4111: Minimum Fair Wage Standards
Wage and Hour Division (Federal-USDOL)

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